What is BEC Consulting, LLC?

BEC Consulting, LLC becomes
"your market research & marketing department"
with two areas of focus:

One area is market research. BEC Consulting is managing
and conducting multiple market research projects to answer
client’s various business needs. These range from organizing
and moderating very simple qualitative interviews or groups to large
sophisticated quantitative assessments and modeling.

The second area is marketing consulting. They currently
have multiple clients across the US. Helping companies
optimize their business plans and brand strategies.  

Some secondary areas of areas of focus are business, scientific, and clinical trial assessment, opportunity
assessment/forecasting, marketing training, traditional investment due diligence, brand strategy development and execution

Robert (Bob) E. Crandall, MBA, Craig T. Scott, R.Ph., and William (Bill) V. Lawson , MBA, MSW bring over 100 years of sales, marketing, and market research experience.


This experience includes sales (hospital & retail), marketing (US & Global), pricing & contracting, new product planning, market research, business development, and forecasting in multiple therapeutic areas: infectious disease/anti-infective, critical care medicine, cardiac cath lab, cardiovascular, diabetes, blood disorders, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders, pain, growth disorders, oncology, and osteoporosis. Additionally, they have been involved with numerous business development due diligence exercises and partnering negotiations.

Consumer Products

This includes new product proof of concept and opportunity assessment, customer insights, brand strategy development and audits, and message and execution development.

BEC Consulting, LLC

"your market research & marketing department"