Robert E. Crandall, M.B.A.

            - market research and consulting
            - optimize business plans & commercialization through
            - marketing experience
            - traditional due diligence
            - market research
            - training


Education: Bachelor of Science degree & Marketing M.B.A.
Eli Lilly & Co: 28 years of sales, marketing, new product planning, & market research
Marketing: New Product Planning, Business Development, Launched Brand Marketing, & Market Research
Therapeutic Areas: Infectious Disease: antibiotics/antivirals; Cardiovascular: hypertension/ACS/CHF, Diabetes, Blood Agents, Alzheimer’s, Sleep Disorders, Sepsis, Pain , Growth Disorders, Osteoporosis, Oncology
Notable Projects: Pre-Clinical Opportunity Assessment Model Cardiovascular Development Strategy & Resourcing Plan Product Forecasting; Business Development & Pre-launch Multiple Business Development Due Diligence Exercises & Partnering Negotiations
Other Experience Areas:
Sales – field sales representative & management; Marketing – US & Global Brand Management (launch/post-launch), Pricing and Hospital Contracting; Market Research – US & Global Management


Phone: 317-371-1322
Robert E. Crandall

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