Steve E. Victor, R.Ph.

            - new product strategy & introduction
            - pre-market analysis
            - marketing implementation
            - business, scientific, & clinical trial assessment


Eli Lilly & Co: 34 years of sales, marketing (launch/post-launch) and market research, deep therapeutic knowledge; Achieved Senior Executive Sales Specialist level (10 years)
Therapeutic Areas: Infectious Disease: antibiotics/antivirals/anti-infectives; Cardiovascular: hypertension/ACS/CHF, Cardiac Cath Lab, CV Surgery, Critical Care Medicine, Surgery, Pain, Women's Health and Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Oncology, and medication delivery systems
Notable Experience: Sales: President's Councils, Director's Councils, Peer of the Year (Company wide), Hospital Sales & Contracting, Disease state Consultant --- Cardiovascular, Anti-infectives, Critical Care Medicine, and Osteoporosis, Intra-company disease state training


Phone: 317-417-1556
Steve E. Victor

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